About Us

about-us-imageBreakout Marketing started with a mission to help small and medium size businesses reach their true potential. We view marketing as connections or a touch, not just communication to the masses. We strive to make every connection memorable and valuable for both the business and customers. We are constantly looking for new ways to make the customer feel appreciated and build lasting relationships that will grow your business.

The digital revolution has just begun! “Moore’s Law” says every 18 months our computers get twice as fast. Imagine how fast things changed from the “Y2K” scare until today. In the next 20 months we will go through just as much advancement as we did over the past 12 years! We are in for some serious changes. Where is digital media going, what are the possibilities? That is the exciting pursuit of constant, accelerated change.

What if there was an emerging media that could analyze all of your customers? From that analysis, know who had the most social influence. What could you do with that information? The possibilities really are endless. There are many new ways to make your connection and relationships with your clients much stronger.

We have our core of proven strategies that we will always lean on. At the same time we explore new possibilities that are in digital growth areas. With Breakout Marketing you can count on time-tested results driven marketing, as well as new exciting medias that will catapult your profits forward!